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Terms and conditions of use

Terms and conditions of use of the API developer portal service

Use of the API Portal service maintained by XYZ (hereinafter the Portal) requires acceptance of these conditions of use. These terms and conditions of use apply equally to all users, regardless of whether they have accessed only the public sections of the Portal or that requiring a login.

XYZ owns the Portal, and is responsible for its operation and development. XYZ reserves the right to make changes in the Portal.

Using and accessing the section of the API Portal service requiring a login requires that users accept and comply with the terms and conditions and rules for that section. It is important that the user reads these terms and conditions carefully.

These terms and conditions apply together with others (co-op member agreement, the rules for the co-op membership system, and the terms and conditions of the ). If the other terms and conditions, instructions or manuals are in conflict with these terms and conditions, these shall apply, unless otherwise specified.

The Portal is governed by Finnish law irrespective of the location of the user.

Copyrights and trademarks

The contents of the Portal, including texts, images, product information, trademarks, brands, logos, etc., are the property of XYZ or a third party, and as such they are protected by the Copyright Act and other legislation. Unless otherwise specified in these conditions of use or the Portal, XYZ retains all rights to the Portal and its contents.

User rights and responsibilities

Unless you receive XYZ’s approval, commercial uses are not permitted for Portal API’s.

Users shall not copy or otherwise duplicate, move, distribute or save – wholly or in part – any of the contents of the Portal, nor shall they use images, product information, trademarks, brands, logos or other contents of the Portal without the prior written consent of XYZ. Using text or pictures for commercial purposes is prohibited. The use of bulletins published in the Portal for journalistic purposes is allowed, provided that the source of information is duly mentioned.

Users may read, browse and download material published in the API Portal service, and also print out parts of it for their own personal use. Modifying or copying such content is not allowed. Copying and using content in any manner whatsoever, without the prior written consent of XYZ, is prohibited.

Responsibility for the API Portal and its content

XYZ does not guarantee the correctness or reliability of the information provided in the Portal. Data, images, prices and specifications of, and information on, the availability of products and all other content in the Portal are published without any warranty. XYZ shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by the information provided by the Portal.

XYZ reserves the right to change, at any time, without prior notice and at its own discretion, the terms of use, appearance, content and availability of the Portal, API data and the other services provided therein, and any other properties of the Portal. XYZ has the right to bar any and all Users from the use of the Portal or parts of it.

XYZ does not guarantee the availability or flawlessness of the Portal. Barring any imperative legal provision, XYZ cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by use of the Portal, obstacles to the use of the Portal or any other reason relating to the Portal.

Access to API Portal

Logging in

A user logging in on the API Portal service is identified through access codes – a username and a password. Users may also log in using other methods of identification adopted by XYZ.

Logging in Portal requires an account which can be acquired by registration. Registration to Portal is only available with an invite granted by XYZ.

Safekeeping of access codes

It is the user’s responsibility to store access codes carefully. XYZ shall not be liable for problems and damage caused by negligent storage of access codes or by access codes fallen into wrong hands. In problem situations, users can lock or permanently close their access codes in the Portal.

It is strictly forbidden to share any personal login information (username, password) to third party.

User is entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of user’s account and access codes. As a user, you will agree to notify XYZ immediately if you believe that your account or access codes have been compromised and cooperate with XYZ in the investigation of any compromised access codes. You are fully responsible for all activities that occur using your account and access codes, regardless of whether such activities are undertaken by you or a third party. XYZ reserves right to remove user’s login access.

API and Data Ownership

The API ownership and using the API’s

The use of published API’s must always be approved by XYZ API owner. The API ownership is described in API documentation. All of the Portal API’s are owned by XYZ unless otherwise specified. The use of specific API must always be approved by the API owner. If the API contains any fees or licenses, regarding the use of API, it will either be described in the API documentation or it will be informed directly by the API owner.

XYZ owns rights to every API published in Portal, even if it contains public or third party APIs.


XYZ APIs and data are provided “as is” without any warranty of any kind. Data is meant to be published only through the application it was approved for. The publishing of the data “as is” without use of an approved application to the end-user is strictly prohibited. XYZ owns all the data provided by the Portal. Forwarding the data provided by APIs to third parties without XYZ’s approval is not allowed. User agrees to use data provided from APIs with good manners and try not to misuse it in any way that is harmful to XYZ or Portal.

API Keys

User is provided with application dedicated Client id and client specific secret information (hereinafter Keys) with application registration. Keys are application specific and it is not allowed to use them by any other application than what they were approved for. Application related Keys and other client related secret information is forbidden to share with a third party.

Availability of the API Portal and APIs

The Portal and its APIs are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For well-founded reasons, XYZ may limit the availability of the Portal and APIs upon a prior announcement in the Portal. XYZ strives to make such announcements well in advance. Breaks in the Portal or APIs may occur due to servicing, updating, maintenance, disturbances and other similar reasons.

Misuse of the Portal or APIs may lead to temporary or permanent termination of rights to use portal and APIs. XYZ reserves the rights to limit or terminate the use of the Portal from its users if so needed or suspend the use of a particular API.

The amount of available API calls is defined in the application’s selected API Plan.


  1. Do not use Portal in any manner that is not expressly authorized in this Agreement.
  2. Do not use Portal for any purpose other than delivering your API’s.
  3. Do not misuse Portal.
  4. Do not try to alter the Portal service

Third-party services

The Portal may contain links to web sites owned or operated by third parties. Upon being transferred to such web sites, the user must read and accept any terms of use before starting to use those web sites. XYZ is not responsible for the operation, contents or other features of websites produced by third parties.

XYZ shall not be held liable for the usability of third-party applications and extra functionalities installed by the user or for disturbances, errors or other damage relating to or caused by such applications or functionalities.

Technical prerequisites for using the Portal

Users must at their own expense acquire the equipment, software and telephone or other telecommunication connections and other necessary services, and bear the responsibility for the costs of operation and maintenance, and for their safety and operability. XYZ does not guarantee that the Portal can be used with the equipment of the users.

If the equipment, software or telecommunication connection of the user endanger the operability and/or safety of the Portal, XYZ is entitled to discontinue the providing of the Portal to that user. XYZ is responsible for the adequate data security of its own computer systems.

If the Portal is used on multi-user equipment (in e.g. a school or a library), the user shall ascertain that no credentials are stored on the shared device including:

  • the web browser has not stored identification data on that computer,
  • he or she logs out from the Portal using the “Log out” button,
  • the cache memory of the computer is cleared.

Supported web browser and version

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (or newer)
  • Mozilla Firefox 45 (or newer)
  • Safari 9 (or newer)
  • Google Chrome 9 (or newer)


The Portal uses cookies, i.e. small data files stored on the users’ computers for service session control and user monitoring. The cookies facilitate analysing how users use the Portal. The information about the user stored by the cookies includes information relating to the browser used, to the use of the website and the IP address of the user’s computer.

The Portal utilises a user monitoring service when analysing website use. The information gathered is delivered to user monitoring service servers in Finland for storage purposes. The user monitoring information may be submitted to third parties if legislation so requires or if that third party processes the information on XYZ’s behalf. XYZ utilises statistical data to develop XYZ business activities.

If they so desire, users may prevent the use of cookies by changing the settings of their Internet browser. However, preventing the use of cookies may affect the functionality of the website. By using the Portal, users consent to the aforementioned information processing method.

Forums, blogs and comments

The forums, blogs and facilities for comments are to be used for constructive and civilised discussion. All users must agree to the conditions of use of the Portal.

XYZ does not check any of the information contained in the forums, blogs and comments prior to publication. If required, XYZ will remove any information in breach of the conditions of use, the terms of service, instructions, law or proper conduct as soon as the violation has come to the attention of XYZXYZ is not responsible for any writing created by users or for any consequences thereof or for information drawn up or linked to by users. Users are responsible for all contents in forums, comments and blogs. Users are responsible for their own actions, and any user in violation of the law may be legally liable for their writings.