APIOps® Cycles

Measuring APIs

These are the typical dashboards and measures used for measuring business and technical performance and developer satisfaction for APIs.

Depending on the API management platform used, there are analytics dashboards available in the Developer portal for API consumers and in the API management portal for API Providers. In most API management platforms there is a way to export in real-time or manually the data to BI- or log analytics tools or any platform using APIs.

Typical KPIs and APIOps dashboards

  • Business performance

  • API Consumer dashboard

  • API Provider dashboard

  • Change events (deployments and infrastructure changes) dashboard

  • Alerts dashboard


Revenue (MRR) generated by APIs

Other added value generated by APIs

  • additional sales
  • aqcuisitions
  • TCV and other customer lifetime value metrics
  • NPS

API management recurring costs

API management licensing and maintanance costs

API management infrastructure costs

  • cloud
  • on-premise (if needed)

APIOps costs

  • development of new and existing APIs
  • monitoring and maintaining APIs
  • API runtime environment costs (cloud or on-premise)