APIOps® Cycles

What is APIOps®

APIOps® is a term coined 2015 from DevOps (Wikipedia) by Jarkko Moilanen and Chandra Challagonda and is registered trademark of open non-profit APIOps.net community for API developers and enthusiasts. APIOps highlights unique nature of developing and operating APIs compared to other software.

APIOps is a quite commonly used term. API -specific things are design patterns, gateways and other parts of API management platforms. Also versioning, subscriptions and rate limiting are different compared to UI -centric development.

APIOps goal is to design, build, test and release APIs more rapidly, frequently and reliably.


Community has several visible communication methods.

APIs have special specification standards, most common is OpenAPI (swagger). APIs have also some special tools for building deploying, testing and generating documentation. It is the same as end-user applications, with UX and UI design tools and special automation tools.

APIOps, like DevOps, has roots in Lean management.

Lean management principles are derived from the Japanese manufacturing industry and include: 

  1. Defining value from the standpoint of the end customer. 
  2. Identifying each step in a business process and eliminating non-value creating steps. 
  3. Making the value-creating steps occur in tight sequence. 
  4. Repeating the first three steps on a continuous basis until all waste is eliminated. 
  5. These lean principles ensure bringing an (API) product to market as cost effectively as possible.